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Forty one years ago NASA decided to send a present into outer space that would give intelligent life a snapshot of earth's diversity, sounds, feelings and thoughts through 116 images encoded in analog form.

ŻfinMalta National Dance Company present a full-length brand new creation choreographed by Artistic Director Paolo Mangiola in collaboration with visual artist Austin Camilleri. The Golden Record, a 12 inch gold plated time capsule launched on the Voyager Space Craft in 1977, was intended to communicate the story of humans to extraterrestrials. This mission is what inspired Paolo Mangiola's research for this production, which is a joint collaboration with visual artist Austin Camilleri, whose work has been exhibited in museums and public spaces internationally and is found in collections worldwide.The dance work is inspired by The Golden Record, a gold-plated time capsule launched on the 1977 Voyager Spacecraft to communicate the human story to extraterrestrials. The piece questions how our past, present, and future hopes might be represented now.


  • Direction & Choreography Paolo Mangiola
  • Visual Artist Austin Camilleri
  • Music Composition Véronique Vella
  • Costumes Luke Azzopardi
  • Lighting Design Ismael Portelli
  • Dancers Keith Micallef, Tara Dalli, Abel Hernández González, Nicola Micallef, Simon Van Heddegem, Emma Walker, Thibault Rousselet, Mathilde Lin, Stefaan Morrow
  • Rehearsal Director Kostas Papamathaiakis
  • Producer Rowena Cilia
  • Dramaturgy Sergiu Matis


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