ŻfinMalta - Uk Tour

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Malta's national dance company, ŻfinMalta Dance Ensemble, will make its UK debut with a tour in January, featuring a thought-provoking programme by celebrated choreographers that will end at Sadler's Wells theatre, the world's top venue dedicated to international dance.


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Home explores the notion of identity. The ever-changing shifts and dynamics that determine who we are, provide a fluidly evolved construct that explores the cycle of life.

Je Tiens la Reine

15 July 2015 16th July 2015

What happens to a land and its creatures when the primal energies that run through it are shaken and shifted? What happens when the horror of our dreams becomes reality?


ŻMDE, launched its first season with Erbgħa(4), a premiere featuring four dances by four different choreographers. An event set up in collaboration with the University of Malta, School of Performing Arts.The mixed bill presents distinctive works that demonstrate the versatility and diversity of the company within its Euro-Mediterranean context and sensibility.