Do you have a passion for dance but have never had the opportunity to engage in any dance training?

Then JUMP is the project for you.

JUMP is a Valletta 2018 project led by ŻfinMalta. Jump invites teens between 13 and 19 years of age, who have a passion for dance but have little or no formal dance training, to participate in creative workshops lead by one of ŻfinMalta's dancers. The aim is to establish a youth dance group. In the run-up to, and during, 2018, JUMP will also provide opportunities for these youths to have a taste of what it means to work with professionals in dance through participation in a selection of performances by ŻfinMalta. The first phase was held in August / September 2016 and the second phase was held in April 2017. The third and last phase will be held in September 2017. Kindly visit our website regularly and follow our Facebook page for updates.

For more information kindly send an email to educ.outreach@zfinmalta.org

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