Workshop "Exploring the Company"

ŻMDE dancers meet students

Free Admission
Duration: 3 hrs
Age: 13 to 16

Are you thirsty to learn more about dance? Do you yearn to share your ideas with like-minded people? Then now is the time to sign up for ŻfinMalta Dance Ensemble's workshop where you will get the chance to meet the 11 dancers of Malta's first national dance company.

This free, three-hour training session is targeted at young dancers aged 13 to 16 and will focus on ŻfinMalta's repertoire of contemporary dance.

"We are committed to creating more space for the community of Maltese dancers to grow by exploring different contemporary dance practices that might be hard to access," according to ŻfinMalta's artistic director Paolo Mangiola.

"Moments like this are the ones we value the most and our aim is to keep fostering the new generation of Maltese dancers, preparing them with the tools for their personal growth and development, and nurturing them in preparation for their future endeavours within the professional dance sector."

Send an email to by Thursday February 22. Enter your name, surname and the number of participants who will be attending. Requests are on a first come, first served basis and just the first 25 will be admitted.

The workshop will be held at the company's headquarters at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.


  • 24 Feb 201811.30

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