Movimento - Season 2

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It is said that dance is the language of the heart and of the soul. People dance for several reasons – to entertain, to celebrate, to provoke, to heal, to demonstrate skill ..... But how does movement take shape?

We welcome you to attend a series of 5 appointments at MUŻA - Movimento - in which ŻfinMalta & Heritage Malta are joining forces to cultivate dance as part of our heritage. The sessions will consist of informal discussions on contemporary dance-making, in which all those who attend will be invited to pose any questions that may come to mind when discussing the position on contemporary art in today's world.

Movimento uncovers the connections between dance, choreography and lays bare movement in every form of contemporary art, being it theatre, visual art, design, media, photography or art criticism. You are encouraged to attend with friends & colleagues who share the need of a stimulating discussion on the relevance & function of contemporary art.

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Anyone (recommended age 12+) who is curious about dance and how movement is given life is invited to attend.

Such sessions may be interesting for parents who would like to know more about the world their children are entering if they follow any form of performing art. The sessions are recommended for age 12+ however we do encourage family members and guardians to attend with anyone between 13 & 17.

Students & teachers who are studying any form of contemporary art are also welcome to attend such sessions as movement can be read across disciplines ... Movimento could open up new perspectives. Otherwise, these sessions are targeting any individuals who have shown interest or an openness in keeping movement, and critical thinking alive in their lives.

Sessions are casual, informal, informative, immersive, interactive, and most importantly, engaging.

Movimento sessions are held on select Thursday evenings at 18:30 at the national-community art museum MUŻA in Merchants Street, Valletta.

Heritage Malta is collaborating with ŻfinMalta in the second season of Movimento to bring aspects of contemporary dance to a wider audience. Through a series of sessions, participants will gain particular skills and become active spectators.

The five sessions of Movimento will be led by five different artists who will allow participants to recognise tools of choreography, both in dance and in life. Each expert will be assisted by the national company dancers, and will explore notions around the works that are currently being programmed by ŻfinMalta.

Upcoming session:

Appointment 3 - Arthur Dumas discussing 'Transposition: transposing life, theatre & dance'

6th February 2020

Arthur will be bringing on board his expertise in physical theatre and dissect five great ways to transform life into theatre and eventually into dance too!

Arthur began his performance career in France as a young actor in the theater company Le Théâtre du Sycomore. He graduated from a drama school in the suburb of Paris in 2007 and spent a year training in contemporary dance in Lyon, later working professionally for 7 years with several theatre companies touring contemporary, classical and educational shows in France and Europe. In 2013 he expanded his career into film and television. Arthur has recently finished two years at the international theatre school Jacques Lecoq (Paris), graduating in 2017. From then he continues his career with his main passion of physical theatre, and co-founded The Klump Company (UK)

What have you missed so far?

Appointment 1 - Dr Victor Jacono discussing 'The Art of Unison'

17th October 2019

Tackling the concept of 'unison' hands down - which literally refers to a point in which dancers move together, performing the same moves at the same time - Jacono proceeds to demystify the word and explore where it can be found around us. It is common knowledge that the watching of 'unison' soothes the eye and creates a sense of pleasure. Jacono attacks the 'why?' is it because it reflects the way our neurones work collectively?

Dr Victor Jacono teaches acting and performance production at the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts, where he continues to build upon his international experience as a theatre artist, researcher, and educator. In line with his doctoral studies at Roma "La Sapienza", Dr. Jacono combines his work in culture and the arts with an interest in the workings of complex systems, especially the brain, to develop creative instruments that can be adopted by artists and non-artists alike.

Appointment 2 - Scott deLahunta discussing 'Dance Documentation: Moving Stories'

9th January 2020

Scott deLahunta has worked as a writer, researcher and organiser on a range of international projects bringing performing arts with a focus on choreography into conjunction with other disciplines and practices. He is currently Professor of Dance, Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University (UK) and co-Director (with Florian Jenett) of Motion Bank, part of the Institut Designlabor Gutenberg hosted by Hochschule Mainz University of Applied Sciences. From 2014-2019, deLahunta was a Senior Research Fellow with Deakin Motion.Lab, Deakin University (AUS).

Photo by David Rittershaus

Further sessions will take place on 2nd April and 4th June 2020.

Participants may also avail themselves of a 15% discount when dining at MUŻA Restaurant after the session.

Price: €10, €8 for seniors, students and Heritage Malta members.

Tickets available from all Heritage Malta museums and sites, and online.


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