A project curated by ŻfinMalta in collaboration with Esplora Interactive Science Centre, designed to discover more about the world of dance.

5 appointments

5 experts

5 different ways to read choreography

Have you ever wondered what contemporary dance was all about? Ever come out of the theatre scratching your head in puzzlement? Did you feel it's a code you just can't crack? Movimento could help ease your mind, or not. Join ŻfinMalta at Esplora Interactive Science Centre for informal sessions on the ABC of contemporary choreography. Learn how to read and recognise the codes of dance and experiment a little yourself with choreographing. Our Movimento experts will show you that choreographers are humans that take inspiration from life and that patterns of choreography can be found in anything around you. A unique experience that dwells into the art form by gaining skills through the shared expertise of 5 Maltese and International artists. Aimed at everyone that wants to become an active spectator.

Tickets may be purchased directly from Esplora Reception or by calling on 2360 2300

'Movimento' is created and curated by ZfinMalta's Artistic Director Paolo Mangiola


  • 18 November 201814:00
  • 16 December 201814:00
  • 27 January 201914:00
  • 10 February 201914:00
  • 17 March 201914:00

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