Call for Artists in Residency 2019

ŻfinMalta - National Dance Company and Esplora Interactive Science Centre are coming together to offer five artist in residency programmes in Malta between March & June 2019.

Dance artists currently undertaking choreographic work are invited to bring their research to this melting pot of cultures, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, currently benefiting from the legacy of Valletta European Capital of Culture 2018.

These residencies are for both experienced and emerging local and European choreographers who need the time and the space to focus on the creation and development of their choreographic work.


  • ŻfinMalta, in collaboration with Esplora Interactive Science Centre is offering five residencies between March and June 2019 for local and European dance practitioners to further develop their choreographic research/practice. Each residency will last for 7 days.
  • These residency programmes are designed for choreographers, regularly creating work, who have an idea to research which will push the boundaries of their practice.
  • Choreographers from all dance backgrounds are encouraged to apply; whether their research is interdisciplinary, community-based, or dance practice based.


  • This residency will be split between two equipped studios at two separate locations on the island. In the first half of the residency, ŻfinMalta will host the selected artists in the island's capital, Valletta. The second half of the residency will occur at Esplora Interactive Science Centre, Kalkara, right across the harbour. Both locations enjoy the inspiring view of the Grand Harbour, defined by a coastline of forts and churches in yellow limestone.
  • Esplora's Activity Centre welcomes selected artists to work in their space between 12pm - 7pm
  • ŻfinMalta's studio is available between 10am - 6pm
  • Both studios are equipped with a sound system, air conditioning, storage space, bathroom, shower and kitchen facilities as well as WiFi access.
  • We regret that ŻfinMalta's studio is currently not wheelchair accessible, whilst the studio space offered by Esplora is fully accessible. In the case of wheelchair accessibility being crucial, arrangements can be made to spend the whole residency at Esplora Interactive Science Centre


  • An informal presentation or sharing of work in a format which suits the artist's practice. The audience will be facilitated by ŻfinMalta and Esplora and the approach discussed with the artist. The company believes that this interaction with an audience is fundamental in the research stages of creating work.
  • Residency artists will lead at least one workshop, session or class for undergraduate students and/or dance professionals during their residency. The artist could use this in order to investigate choreographic or dance practices further.
  • As a theme for these residencies, artists should focus on a science concept of their choice.
  • Permission for ŻfinMalta and Esplora to film agreed parts of the residency
  • Inclusion of ŻfinMalta and Esplora Interactive Science Centre logos and/or ŻfinMalta and Esplora Interactive Science Centre word credit on publicity (print and digital) for any future work which is developed from research undertaken during this residency.


  • ŻfinMalta and Esplora offer a token of €1000 for each residency. €500 will be offered as a first token, to cover the cost of accommodation and flights for artists based outside Malta, whilst another €500 will be offered for use of travel in Malta and other expenses necessary for the duration of the residency.
  • 50% of the token will be offered upfront, upon the signature of the residency agreement with the respective artists, whilst the other half of the token will be presented upon the start of the residency.
  • Local artists who may not need the token in order to cover flights and accommodation expenses, are asked to outline how the token would be used. Artists may want to bring in other people to explore their research on or even bring in other people to document their process. Such applications of the token are eligible as long as they are included in the budget within the application form.


  • 5 residencies are currently available, one residency per month for the months of March - May, and 2 residencies in the month of June. The duration of each residency should fall between:
11th - 24th March 2019
1st - 14th April 2019
6th - 19th of May 2019
3rd -23rd of June 2019
  • Esplora Interactive Science Centre and ŻfinMalta will put every effort to accommodate the preferred slot but this may not always be possible.
  • The deadline for application is Thursday 31st January 2019 (00:00)
  • Candidates should expect a first contact on the 6th February 2019 and ultimately, the chosen applications will be announced by the end of February 2019.


  • Professional experienced and emerging choreographers residing within Malta and Europe who are regularly creating and researching dance.
  • Applicants must have a minimum of 3 years of professional experience
  • Candidates should have a good command of the English language
  • Applicants must be over the age of 21
  • Priority will be given to candidates who are open to sharing their research and work
  • Priority will also be given to applications partially supported by other sources of funds
  • ZfinMalta and Esplora Interactive Science Centre will make every effort to accommodate the research requirements of artists within the parameters of our spaces. Artists will be expected to be respectful of the environment they find themselves in and to take care of the space they are allotted.

Review from Sergiu Matis - a Romanian choreographer featured in ŻfinMalta' & Valletta 2018's last artist in residency program, which took place from the 7th of May until the 12th May 2018. For this particular residency, we invited our local communities to join us in the studios to discuss, research and dance around the notions of history, tradition and fluid identities.

"During the residency in Valletta I was invited by Paolo Mangiola, the director of ZfinMalta, to share my practice, the Visible Thinking Body (VTB) through a workshop for the dancers of the Maltese national dance company. The environment provided rich and inspiring base for the exploration of the VTB tools, which are different ways of navigating and thinking the body in motion. With heightened attention, noticing the inner groove of life while trying to reach toward stillness, the process started with detecting the spot of the initiation of a movement. What moves us today, how do we stand and what are we standing for? — were questions for reflecting on the importance of dance in our times. The dancers attending the residency workshop were open to exposing their self-exploration in motion, and had a very personal attraction and fascination with dance which encouraged my physical ethnographic research further."


A selection panel will be appointed to process the applications. The panel will be made up by members of ŻfinMalta and associates from Esplora Interactive Centre along with two external panelists. Together they will select five Residency Artists.


Within the application form, artists are required to provide

  • A description of their research idea
  • A budget breakdown of how the €1.000 token would be used
  • an outline of a workshop, session or talk to be offered in return
  • links to a maximum of 2 work/research samples in video form
  • first, second and third preference of residency month (with specific starting dates) between March 2019- June 2019

We cannot support production or post-production of films.

Selected applicants are required to cooperate in the marketing and sharing of their experience and workshops during this residency through various means, including social media, media interviews, photoshoots and receptions


Find and complete the AiR application form here

apply by the Deadline 31st January 2019

Please refer to our FAQs for further clarification on the AiR 2019 residency guidelines.

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