ŻfinMalta's Xmas Intensive

ŻfinMalta's first Xmas Intensive being held on the 3rd, 4th & 5th January 2019. Start the New year with a bang!

3 days ... 4 hrs a day of technique and repertoire with ŻfinMalta company dancers
Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Fee: 3-day intensive experience: 100€ / drop in: 40€ per day

The ŻfinMalta Xmas Intensive is being offered on a first come, first served basis.

Reserve your place by sending us an email on educ.outreach@zfinmalta.org

Frequently Asked Questions - take a look at the below FAQs for more info:

  • What technique will be taught at ŻfinMalta's Xmas Intensive?

ŻfinMalta - National Dance Company - is a contemporary dance company. Even though its dancers are professionally trained in ballet, the work that ZfinMalta produces doesn't focus on one particular dance language. Rather, it explores different contemporary dance practices. For our first Xmas Intensive we want to expose the participants to our repertoire and therefore, the technique which will be taught, such as floorwork, release technique and Cunningham-based classes for warm up, will equip the dancers with the relevant tools to address the repertoire session. There will be future opportunities to study various different ballet techniques, however this Xmas Intensive is thoroughly invested in exploring ŻfinMalta's repertoire.

  • Who will be teaching?

ŻfinMalta's Xmas Intensive will be taught by our professional company dancers, under the supervision of Artistic Director, Paolo Mangiola

  • I am unable to attend all three days of ŻfinMalta's Xmas Intensive. May I drop in for a day or two?

Yes, attending one or two full days of ŻfinMalta's Xmas Intensive is possible, against a fee of 40€ per day.

  • How many hours a day will I be committing to once I sign up?

ZfinMalta is offering 4 hours a day to each dancer. 2 hours will be dedicated to technique, and 2 hours will be dedicated to repertoire.

  • What is the deadline for enrollment?

Reservations for ŻfinMalta's Xmas Intensive will be taken in no later than 21st December 2018 (6pm)

  • Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, once your reservation is confirmed via email, a cancellation fee of 50% of your total fee applies.

  • When will I receive the daily schedule for ŻfinMalta's Xmas Intensive?

The schedule will be communicated to each dancer respectively within the week of the 24th December 2018.

  • Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, ŻfinMalta - as the only Public Cultural Organisation on the island solely concentrated on dance and its development - will issue a certificate of participation at the end of the 3-day intensive.

  • Will I receive a certificate of participation if I only attend 1 day of the Xmas Intensive?

Yes, ŻfinMalta will issue a certificate of participation to dancers who attend any day of the Xmas Intensive.

  • May I participate if I am under 12 years of age?

Unfortunately, ŻfinMalta is only accepting applications from dancers aged 12+ for its Xmas Intensive

  • I have never danced before. May I sign up for ŻfinMalta's Xmas Intensive?

In order to be eligible to enroll for ŻfinMalta's Xmas Intensive, applicants must have some basic knowledge/foundation in dance.

  • How will applicants be assigned an Intermediate or Advanced session?

The nomenclature of Intermediate and Advanced sessions have nothing to do with level and more to do with the participants' age. Once all applications have been processed, the groups will be assigned according to age.

  • How do I pay for ŻfinMalta's Xmas Intensive?

Once your reservation has been confirmed you will be forwarded a link in which you will be able to affect payment online.

  • Where will ŻfinMalta's Xmas Intensive take place?

The 3-day Xmas Intensive will be held at ŻfinMalta's Studios, within the Mediterranean Conference Centre.

  • May I watch/observe the course of the Xmas Intensive?

No, however, on the last day of ŻfinMalta's Xmas Intensive, we will be opening our doors for a sharing and everyone is welcome to attend and observe.

  • How soon should I sign up?

ŻfinMalta is only offering a limited number of reservations for its Xmas Intensive and the deadline for enrollment is 21st December 2018 (6pm). Please reserve your place by sending an email to educ.outreach@zfinmalta.org as soon as you can. If you do not make it in time, your name will be placed on a waiting list and you will be informed of your position on the list if any changes occur.


  • 3 Jan 201910:00 - 19:00
  • 4 Jan 201910:00 - 19:00
  • 5 Jan 201910:00 - 19:00

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