ŻMDE is the repertory national company of Malta that aims to thrive in the sharing and employment of a wide range of repertoire ranging from new works created in Malta by both local and international choreographers (upcoming and established) as well as the re-staging of renowned works from all over the world, thus creating a company of versatility, whilst maintaining a clear identity with its Euro-Mediterranean roots. Underpinning this vision is the desire to inspire, excite and, most importantly, include audiences in the ideas and constant developments evident in the nature of the contemporary arts internationally today.


The company aims to bring together an ensemble of high quality international and Maltese dancers and create work that is world class.

A Cultural Hub for Contemporary Dance in Europe

Emphasis is on cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration thus positioning Malta as a cultural hub of contemporary dance in Europe and the Mediterranean. In doing so, ŻMDE also aims to establish Malta as a major partner in the international arts and creative industries. The company provides full-time employment opportunities in dance, in particular to a growing community of young Maltese artists through a professional practice, education and outreach work and arts related management.

The development of collaborative partnerships with artists from other areas of the creative industries (choreographers, musicians, composers, photographers, designers, directors, visual artists) both nationally and internationally stand as a major aspect to the company's philosophy as well as the enabling of further opportunities for young Maltese choreographers to develop work on a full-time company.

Most important, ŻMDE aims to develop audiences by presenting high quality dance both within and outside the traditional theatre setting, reaching out to audiences of all race, gender and economic backgrounds and abilities.

ŻfinMalta Dance Ensemble supports equal opportunities.